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Media Grid - Wordpress Responsive Portfolio

Download WordPress Media Grid - Wordpress Responsive Portfolio created by LCweb shared by Gift4Designer

Media Grid is a unique plugin to create unlimited responsive, filterable and paginated portfolios with ease, taking advantage of masonry engine.
Using advanced techniques allows you to create your own layouts mixing up any media type dynamically or manually: adapting to any container!

Unlimited layout-free portfolios (freely shape up items to build grids)
Visual, drag&drop, grid builder with mobile mode
Dynamic grids, repeating your base layouts and optionally shuffling elements
Create grids using any public post on your website and mixing them with Media Grid items
1-click grid cloning system
6 pagination systems to choose from (included infinite-scroll and numbered buttons)
Complete SEO deeplinking system: tracking lightbox, filters, search and pagination (tracking browser history change)
100% CSS-based items shaping (superfast)

Complete items type choice with full media support:

single pictures
images slider with video support
Inline image slider
Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, self-hosted videos (lightbox and inline)
Soundcloud and self-hosted audio (lightbox and inline)
Inline text with video background ability
Lightbox custom contents
Post contents - fetching from posts or custom post types

Items filtering system (optionally searches through pages)
Default grid filter - shortcode parameter
675 icons to beautify filters and customize items overlay
In-grid items searching with custom tags support (optionally searches through pages)
Filters and search positionable on grid’s top, left or right side
Animated GIFs support

Revolutionary AJAX lightbox, supporting HTML and shortcodes

5 lightbox content layouts
6 lightbox command styles
3 lightbox entrance/sliding effects
Unlimited contents length without page’s loading affection
Contents to text - height matching option
Image zoom system (for single image item type)
Modal mode
Unlimited item custom attributes with optional icon association
Proper social sharing using item’s data (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+)

16 modern loaders to choose from
Optional Ken Burns effect for items and featured lightbox images
Handy shortcode wizard
Elementor, Visual Composer and Cornerstone native integration
Shortcode option to move items title under image (attached or detached)
Full colors, margins, borders, font-size and font-family control
Shortcode commands to override margins and borders size
Shortcode commands to override pagination system and grid aspect
1-click immediate setup with 10 preset styles
Fully responsive, adapts itself to any container
Items XML sitemap to push item contents and images on search engine
WooCommerce integration with optional “add-to-cart” button supporting quantity and variable products
Optional Disqus or Facebook Comments integration in lightbox
100% multilanguage with WPML certification and Polylang support
Images “right-click” protection
Unlimited overlays styles using Overlay Manager add-on

Check the live preview to know more about its systems and features!


  1. Compatible versions - Tested up to version 4.9
  2. File types - CSS, HTML, JS, PHP
  3. Origin Envato URL -

Download Media Grid - Wordpress Responsive Portfolio

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