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400 Fineline Icons

Download 400 Fineline Icons Icons created by ikonome shared by Gift4Designer

Fineline icons were developed to take advantage of high resolution devices and can be used in apps, websites, user interfaces and print. Included are three different weights of line – Regular, Light and Ultra Light. Three shapes are included – Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle and Circle. Shapes are supplied in selected or unselected states – Solid and Outline.
Icons Include:
Arrows, Navigation, Pin, Post, Map, Marker, Compass, GPS, Sat Nav
Media Icons, Cameras, Video, Full Screen, Cinema, 3D Glasses, Ticket, Games, Console, Joystick, Mobile, Telephone, Mobile, Cell, Smartphone, Battery level, Battery, Tablet, iPad, Button, Mac, PC, Computer, Desktop, Monitor, Wireless Mouse, Mouse, Laptop, Power, TV, Printer, Camera, Eye, Image, Speaker, Volume, Headphones, Microphone, Radio, Antenna, Music, Notes, Tracks, Albums, Playlist, Equaliser, Speakers, Walkman, CD, MP3 Player, iPod, E-book, E-reader, Bookmarks, Clocks, Timers, Alarm, Stopwatch, Ebook, Book, Reader
Store, Shop, E-shop, Shopping Cart, Shopping Basket, Credit Cards, Calculator, Tick, Cross, Accept, Decline, Multiple, Plus, Divide, Checkout, Tag, Box, Shipping, Dollar, Yen, Pound, Euro, Percentage
Attachment, Email, Email Address, Address Book, Contacts, To Do List, Calendar, Inbox, Outbox, Bookmark, Flag, Notepad, Paperclip, Web, HTML, CSS, Home, Next, Back, Magnify, Reduce, Hourglass, Search, Binoculars, Browser, Online News, News, RSS, Lock, Security, Password, Safe, Vault, Shield, Umbrella, Security, No Entry, Settings, Toolbox, Cogs, Tools, Wastebasket, Trash
Social, Links, Chat, Dialogue, Happy, Smiley, Like, Dislike, Profile, User, Star, Heart, Love, Drinks, Tea, Mug, Android, Apple, Twitter, Blogger, Dribbble, Facebook, Flickr, Forrst, Google Plus, Linked in, MySpace, Picassa, Quora, Skype, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo, Vine, Wordpress, Windows, Yahoo, You Tube
File and Storage
Cloud Storage, Upload, Download, Drives, Disk, Hard drive, CD, Wifi Signal, Bluetooth, Wireless, Hotspot, Document, File, Type, Graphs, Pie Charts, Links, Pictures, Images, Pin, Calendar, Folder
File types
Adobe illustrator
All icons styles supplied in one layered Adobe Illustrator document per line weight with icons in the following sizes:
• 48×48
• 64×64
• 128×128
• 256×256
• 512×512
Adobe Photoshop (PSD)
All icons styles supplied in one layered Adobe Photoshop document per line weight with icons in the following sizes:
• 48×48
• 64×64
• 128×128
• 256×256
• 512×512
Icon shapes:
• Rectangle – Line
• Rounded Rectangle – Line
• Circle – Line
• Rectangle – Solid
• Rounded Rectangle – Solid
• Circle – Solid

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Download 400 Fineline Icons

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