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3D Infographics

Download 3D Infographics Infographics created by alexdndz shared by Gift4Designer

Modern 3d business infographics vector design template. Can be used for workflow processes, flow chart, banner, number options, presentation, layout, work plan, web design, infographic elements, steps success, business planning, business development and education.
100% Vector
ZIP files Includes: 1 - EPS10 files, 1 - AI files, 1 - JPG images 300dpi files, 1 - PNG images 300dpi files. Fonts are used: arial, arialbd, impact.
Services List: Origami Diagram, Geometric Infographic, Timeline, Infographic Stages, Round Chart, Cycle, Global Graphics, Diagram, Growth, Schedule, Chronological, Time Line Clock, Data Visualization, Business, Marketing, Finance, Technology, Advertising, Management, Internet Marketing, Business Plan, Strategy, Planning, Analytics, Startup, Business Project, Teamwork, Paper Infographics, Presentation, Analysis, Development, Education, Learning, Brainstorming, Circular, Statistic, Sequence, Arrow Infographic, Business Solution, Histogram, Cone Pyramid, Creative Idea, World Map, Scheme, Flowchart, Circle Ball Infographic, Sphere Infographic, Brain Infographic, Tooltips, 3D Cylinder Options, Pie Graphs, Bar and Column Infographic.


  1. Applications supported - Adobe Illustrator
  2. Color space - RGB
  3. File types - AI, EPS, JPG, PNG
  4. Orientation - Square
  5. Origin Envato URL -

Download 3D Infographics

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