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5 Business Chart Icons
Are you putting people to sleep with your powerpoints? Are you struggling to keep your articles interesting? Fight boring presentations and spruce up your visuals with this set of twenty-five business icons. Using bold colors and crisp lines, each one of these modern icons is designed to be eye-catching.
File formats
In this package, you get twenty-five beautiful business icons in both .eps and .ai formats. These are the best image formats for most projects. They can easily be edited, allowing you to make an icon as unique as your business.
The .eps format is generally regarded as the optimum format for professional use. A single image can be rendered and resized in any resolution and thusly can be used in virtually any printing size, thanks to a simple mathematical algorithm.
Style and Characteristics
These business icons were designed with simplicity in mind. It’s well known that bulky, distracting visuals can hurt a presentation more than it can help it. That’s why the smooth lines and muted colors go so well with your project. It’s complementary, not smothering.
Possible Uses
Perfect for the modern entrepreneur or businessman with a message to get across, this icon pack makes it easier than ever to create stunning visuals. In the busy modern world, you can’t afford to waste time on low-quality work. That’s why we took care of the work for you. A one-time purchase gives you total access to all twenty-five high-quality business icons. You can’t afford to pass this up.
We guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with this pack. Our commitment to quality ensures you get the best you possibly can, every time. Whether you’re trying to impress a client or attract more views, you can be sure you’ll get the job done.
Looking for more? Be sure to mosey on over to our graphics store and check out our other icon packs and designs. It’s all good stuff. We promise.



Note: You need spend 4 points to download this item.

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