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21 | Vintage & Retro Color Effects

Download 21 | Vintage & Retro Color Effects Actions and Presets created by devotchkah shared by Gift4Designer

21 | Twenty One Vintage & Retro Color Effects is a Photoshop template that comes with 21 nondestructive color effects (.icc file format), Vignette, Old Style filter and noise/ dust effect. Choose between 21 different colors, easily combine them (adjust opacity, fill and blending modes) and achieve almost unlimited results. You will also receive a second Photoshop template to quickly preview all the 21 available colors.
Default template size is 3000×2000px (with x height) / 300dpi – follow instructions to adjust the canvas size.
21 was created with Photoshop CC 2015, tested on Photoshop CS6 (v 13.0×64) and it works as intended. Your Photoshop language preferences shouldn’t interfere in the creation process because no actions are required to use this template.


  1. Applications supported - Adobe Photoshop
  2. File types - PSD
  3. Origin Envato URL -

Download 21 | Vintage & Retro Color Effects

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