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120 Duotone Photoshop Actions

Download 120 Duotone Photoshop Actions Actions and Presets created by ClauGabriel shared by Gift4Designer

120 Duotone Photoshop Actions
How this Photoshop Action work? You just have to open your photo and play the Action!
Please read the ReadMe.txt file to see how to do it.
This package includes 120 Actions/Preset Colors:

30 Duo-White Color

15 Duo-Red Color

15 Duo-Orange Color

15 Duo-Yellow Color

15 Duo-Purple Color

15 Duo-Blue Color

15 Duo-Green Color

About this item:

Professional results and very easy to use
All layers can be edited very easily
All layers are named and placed in groups so you will have full control on each layer and each group
Non-destructive actions -> All actions keep untouched the original image

The action is working on Photoshop CS2,CS3,CS4,CS5,CS6,CC,CC 2015.5+(only English versions). If you are not using the English version, you can switch your Photoshop in English, play the action and return to your language back.
In the case where you do experience an error, please contact me and I will help you.
View my portfolio to see my entire collection of visual effects for your photos.


  1. Applications supported - Adobe Photoshop
  2. File types - ATN
  3. Origin Envato URL -

Download 120 Duotone Photoshop Actions

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